“Project Passion” by Ria Naidoo

I do not look like the goddesses the holy books describe.
I do not wear the crown with poise, or speak my words with
grace, or turn the other cheek every time, like Jesus asked.
I do not have sole focus or meditative peace in every waking
and I often chase mindfulness mindlessly.
You won’t find me at Sunday services clad in seven meters of
beautiful cloth,
Or bathing the beloved in milk & honey.

I am filled to the brim with delicious desires,
spread thick with human curiosity.
I wear marks on my skin—some permanent & some ephemeral
& bells on my ankles.
I fall down,
choose bad lovers,
kiss lying mouths,
waste time & money too.
I court danger and peace at the very same time, hoping one will
lead me to the other.
You will find me where the wild things are –
pure, truthful, free.

I can drink green tea with Tenzin, or butterbeer with Rowling, or
double shot whiskeys with Aubrey.

There is no limit to the genres I can incorporate,
no separation between all the people I can be.
a Goddess created as a collaboration between God and me

Ria Naidoo has been writing short stories and poems since her days in primary school. She enjoys poetry based on real-life events or observations of life around her. She hopes to expand her writing into an artistic expression of navigating a modern life with its unique experiences.


  1. Dharsh

    This poem Totally sucked me In! I can relate and u spoke many of my truths. Thank You. Keep them coming talented Ria. 🌟

  2. Suhana

    I love it Riiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I too can totally relate. You give voice to the emotions of women worldwide

  3. Dr Chiara Sewnarain

    This poet speaks words that are relatable to the modern day woman. Thank you for everything you are giving to us. Please keep it coming! ❤️

  4. Lucinda Singh

    You know I’m a huge fan, I love this piece just as much as the 1st…
    “a Goddess created as a collaboration between God and me” that line, too epic to describe the feeling it gives me. Well done babe, you are too talented xo

  5. Mr P

    Just like an angel, you must be heaven sent
    I find it hard to resist from giving you this compliment

    Beauty goes far beyond than what the eyes can see
    Right down into your personality

    With so much beauty mere words could never express

    So, if you feel a smile begin
    Don’t leave it unseen

    I’m only trying to give credit where it’s due

    Because that makes you the most beautiful girl in the world too


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