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Type/Cast is a new literary journal, curated in Cape Town. We feature new, fresh and vibrant writing, whether fiction, nonfiction or poetry, with a particular focus on South African writing. Type/Cast initially publishes online, with the top rated submissions being printed in the annual.

Type/Cast’s editorial collective will be joined by Guest Editors for each edition of the journal. The Guest Editor for Type/Cast’s launch is the highly-acclaimed South African author Imraan Coovadia.

Type/Cast is now calling for its launch submissions, with a deadline of Friday 20 May 2016. We’re looking for short stories, flash fiction, poems, essays and other literary nonfiction. We’re also interested in art or photographic essays. Please go to our submissions page for all the details.

And make a note of the deadline: Midnight on Friday 20 May 2016.

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  1. Vhutshilo nemukula

    What about screen writing in advertising do they summit script also or what?

    • Editor

      We welcome submissions of short screenplays (or excerpts from longer ones) but, ultimately, a submission will be published only if it reads well as an independent text, which many screenplays—and very fine ones, too—do not, as that’s not their purpose.

  2. Fozie

    Can I send through my Inspirations? I have a page on Facebook called Inspirations by Fozie Rox!!!

    I have been dying to have these published as I believe that inspiring people is the greatest gift we can give to people.

    My email address is…[edited out by Editor]

    • Editor

      Yes, and yes. But please note in the submission that you have posted them to the blog (and give us the blog address!).

  3. Hiyoowi

    With regard to submission, is the cover email is covered in the email itself or the attached document with writing?

    • Editor

      In the e-mail itself. The document containing the writing should contain just the writing itself and the title, with no indication of author name.

  4. Damiana

    How about photograph essays? What is the process of submission exactly, because I didn’t really find it to be clear? Thank you

    • Editor

      Hi. Good question! The best option would be to include lo-res images in a Word or PDF document for us to assess, and we’ll ask for the individual hi-res photos if approved.

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