“Putting it into Perspective” by Pam Newham

Putting it into perspectiveHe wants to know why his parents
appeared in a documentary on TV.
His mother says, “Because our family
is a bit different to other families.”
He says, “But why are we different?”
“Well, why do you think?”
After a pause he answers,
“Oh, I know.
It’s because we live on a mountain
and have a tortoise for a pet.”

And his two mothers, one white, one brown
look at each other and laugh.

Pamela Newham (@PamelaNewham) has worked as an English teacher, journalist and features editor. She has had three young adult novels published and lectures on writing for children and journalism. Her poems have appeared in CarapaceThe Ground’s EarDifficult to ExplainHeart of AfricaScrutiny2, Stanzas and Sol Plaatje Anthology. She lives in Hout Bay.

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