“Uprising” by Pam Newham

UprisingFor years I’ve earned my bread with words.
Thousands and thousands of them
on neat glossy paper caught
between the covers with their bland smiling girls.
Month after month these dutiful words
have click clicked across the page
(dieting, dating, dread diseases).
But all the while, hidden in clandestine cells,
subversive words plotted and schemed
until one day they did their “free at last” thing
and surged onto an unsuspecting page
written in pen.

Pamela Newham (@PamelaNewham) has worked as an English teacher, journalist and features editor. She has had three young adult novels published and lectures on writing for children and journalism. Her poems have appeared in CarapaceThe Ground’s EarDifficult to ExplainHeart of AfricaScrutiny2, Stanzas and Sol Plaatje Anthology. She lives in Hout Bay.

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