“a sketch of democracy” by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe

my imagination has become the garage
where i am mending a mangled manifestation
of my politician brutalized self.
i spray-paint rust corroded ideas
from a stale liberation struggle
while i try to salvage my elusive future.

i looked out of the window of destiny
only to see an uncertain future of the poor
sketched and stretched and crucified
on the faded canvas of democracy. And,
from the balcony of the tower of despair
i saw affluence courting abject poverty
to the marriage of guided democracy.

under the persuasion of bloated pride, and
with shiny, shaven heads of ignorance,
the politicians ridicule political decline,
brushing aside with calculated rudeness
the certainty of a new political thinking
peeping through the pigeon-hole of democracy.

Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe is a Zimbabwean freelance writer, poet and teacher living and working in South Africa. He holds Masters of Arts and Creative Writing both from the University of the Western Cape. The first three chapters of his novel You Are Not Alone have been published in one of South Africa’s oldest magazines New Contrast as a short story titled “Voices of the Ancestors.” Eight of his poems have recently been published in an anthology titled Harvest: The University of the Western Cape Masters in Creative Writing Poetry Anthology 2016 and he read them at the McGregor Poetry Festival 2016 in August. Two more of his poems were recently published in Best “New” African Poets 2015 Anthology. He has also contributed three poems to Zimbolicious: An Anthology of Zimbabwean Poets.


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