“Sometimes” by Henry Fagan

Twisted letter red-ink phrases
Hanging-lines pen torn-out pages
Scribbled scripture sign of scribes
‘to dry surplus loveless lives
(As is written)

Chord for cord strum strings aloud
Tuned-out waves of comfort proud
Screeching whirl of record broke
Whispered words of noose ‘n’ rope
(For the song)

Taut embrace ‘cross shoulders cold
Life imagined we grew bold
Echoes hollow Ivory Tower
‘Name of love ‘n’ all its power
(For whom the bell tolls)

Long-lithe glare off swaying ground
Burned-out words ‘n’ all of sound
Orange tongue tied licking black
Taken strength ‘n’ promise back
(Out of the blue)

Play-back light of pictures smile
Moments mind ‘n’ all the while
Forgone long ago to pray
‘turning in that which I say
(All that’s left)

Love entire younger brother
Aching inside of the other
Far beyond the here was for
All there is ‘n’ something more
(‘Let it get to me)

Henry Fagan is a prospective MA student in Historical Studies who has spent the past year getting work experience, primarily in journalism. He rarely writes creatively but has on occasion had poems featured on various blogs. Henry enjoys socialising, watching films, playing football, and broadening his social consciousness. His more general musings can be found by visiting On The Line, or you can follow him on Facebook, or Instagram.

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