“Boxing Day Blues in Bellevue East” by Allan Kolski Horwitz

I pick up Thulani to go get more beer
At the bottle store on Joe Slovo
This is peak booze season
Xmas is profits
The store on Saunders opposite the NUM Centre,
Was robbed four days back
The umlungu took a bullet
It stays closed

Waiting for Thulani in the bakkie
I count the drunks, and the empty bottles on the pavement
The drizzle doesn’t stop
Xmas is over
Jesus betrayed us
Fucking Jewboy with his promises
Big Dada still makes us beg for happiness
While we grovel for moola

A woman with serious mpundus rolls by
Stains her kfc chips with loud lipstick
I won’t say she’s a whore
Even decent girls are using that stuff
A tsotsi comes up to the window
I turn away, but not too quickly
The pistol under his belt
A bigger bulge than his balls

Thulani takes his time
Trying to get a discount
All I can do is rub my eyes
As they walk over the cracks
In the sidewalk that was Joe Slovo
It doesn’t matter who’s in government
The drunks and the rubbish
Won’t change any time soon

Allan Kolski Horwitz is currently writing a play titled The Prophets featuring Che, Jesus, Elijah, Rosa Luxembourg, Lilit and Jeremiah. There is almost a full draft but the characters are fighting for space and he’s not sure if he has done justice to all of them. The question remains: will anyone have patience for all this prattling?

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