“Doveton Road” by Diana Bloem

All night the red slide told its groaning stories
All night the stone walls and palisade fences gave comfort to those within
All night car engines sounded close to her skin
All night street lights slit the night in half
All night the green transformer sub-station slowed its pace
All night red sirens headed towards the hospital
All night he slept
All night she sat sewing on buttons which had not fallen off
All night the Parktown prawns were forgotten
All night yellow house bats gathered over the tennis courts
All night she sat in her accent chair
All night in Doveton Road.

Diana Bloem holds a MA in creative writing and has poems published in South African literary journals. She won the 2015 DALRO poetry prize. Her poetry will also be featured in Illuminations Literary Magazine (a University Of Charleston publication). She lectures communication at Mangosuthu University of Technology in Umlazi, South of Durban. In her spare time she attempts to work on her PhD.

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