“Foreign territory” by Lunette Elle Warren

I cannot tell you how many mountains we had to cross
to get there
miles of rocks and fynbos
rooibos growing wild like weeds
sandstone tracing the sky as if to say
this is where it all began
keeping time by sedimentary fold
the road bound to the cliff like a ribbon
enclosing a gift that may never be opened
the mouth of the earth drawing blood
to carve inscriptions on our skin
a eulogy or perhaps an encomium
and when we finally got there
we found
it was easier than we had thought.

Lunette Elle Warren is a poet, artist and photographer living in Franschhoek. Her work focuses on mental illness, abuse and bodily experience. She has been published locally and abroad in Botsotso, Itch, Stanzas, Gravel, Third Point Press and elsewhere.

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