“One Dozen Broken Glasses” by Diana Bloem


His face was mirthless, she now was standing, the duvet cover was ruffled,
she placed her weight on her left leg, then on her right, she continued to rock,
he spoke, she heard only molten words, her balance was reduced, she thought
of herself as an eggplant unable to balance herself vertically, while he watched her,
he dropped his reading glasses, the small bits funnelled her thoughts



His face was mirthless, she was perched on a green chair with an imbuia frame, she
combed her toes across the woven rug, the fallen dog hairs stuck between her toes, he
remained silent, she moved her feet so they were together except for the diamond
hole just below her ankles, she thought of herself as a puppet, his words pulling the
veiled strings, he dropped his reading glasses, the bits stuck in her foot



His face was mirthless, she pulled her legs to her chest, the mosaic tiles cold against
her thighs, she used the wall for support, she thought he was going to stop
until another thrust against her cheek, her mascara had imprinted two lines
down the side of her nose, she thought of the bench they had occupied when they first
shared their lunch, he wore reading glasses that made all the other kids laugh



His face was mirthless, she carefully cut the brown tape that held the box together, the
tape stuck on her right index finger, a dozen crystal glasses lay in two rows, each separated
by squares of cardboard, his grandmother had sent them, she began to remove them, one at
a time, her hands had remnants from the olive oil she had used to rub the roast, he rushed
over with a kitchen towel.

Diana Bloem holds a MA in creative writing and has poems published in South African literary journals. She won the 2015 DALRO poetry prize. Her poetry will also be featured in Illuminations Literary Magazine (a University Of Charleston publication). She lectures communication at Mangosuthu University of Technology in Umlazi, South of Durban. In her spare time she attempts to work on her PhD.

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