“Floating Around” by Tania J. Spencer

We stopped
Once at a
Climbed through
Someone’s fence,
Sloughed off
Our clothes,
And lowered
Ourselves into
The water.
The cold
Made us laugh,
As we eyed
Slabs of algae that
Slid closer to
Investigate our
Powdery blue
Bodies, our
White feet,
Kicking, kicking.
A windmill
Cleared its
Throat, and
Spun around
Looking for the
Farmer, our old
Car ticked like a
Hot loaf rising,
And still we
Weren’t ready
To go. We lay
On our backs
Half in one world,
Half in another.
Wet dry
Weightless heavy
In shade in light
In cold in warmth.
In sickness
And in health.
And floated
In a dot in
The Karoo.
From Space
They would
Have seen us,
In a dot
In the karoo,
Just two.

Tania J. Spencer’s poems feature in The Sol Plaatjie European Union Poetry Anthology, The Kalahari Review, Staffrider, New Coin, Agenda, Fidelities, and The Natal Witness. Her short stories have been published in At the Rendezvous of Victory and Other Stories (Kwela Books 1999), and in the South African literary journal, herStoriA. She has won some modest awards for her writing.

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