“Quiet Stirrings” by Khalida Moosa

Someone once said:
women don’t enter graveyards
the dead see them naked
I didn’t voice the question
of women gone–
stripping men

When the prayers started
women huddled nearer the kitchen
preparing the feast
for the pious

Instead of joining the wives
baking muffins washing pans
I slid past the kitchen
to the sauna
feeling the side-eye glances
of my co-women

He said maybe he’d change
if his wife prayed for him
in the darkness of morning
I sat with dry bread unchewed
and thought:
be careful what you wish for

Khalida Moosa is interested in narratives which defy social norms. She is attracted to writers who break boundaries around issues which address gender inequalities, sex and cultural stereotypes. Her poem “Words Swallowed” was published in The #Coinage Book One. She has previously hosted a community book club and enjoys liaising with writers and artists who open debate and discussion. She is a passionate bookaholic who believes books can change the world.

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