“I Took Myself On A Date” by Ria Naidoo

after so many nights of impersonal movie theatre sittings,
bland dinners—the food delicious and the company tasteless,
I had no hope for a second date with you

dusty pink lips to play up my innocence,
or blood bitten red to play up my sex?
the soft gypsy dress or the push up black piece?

it’s exhausting to smile through men explaining their status at
the workplace,
an endless resume of cock fighting & pissing contests & office
& then, for dessert,
a sickly-sweet recount of all the women who want them—
a thinly veiled testament to their desirability.

and so when you came around—enigmatic & sensual,
I was already fatigued.
I’ll admit your eyes held my soul,
and your mind fucked me on the first date..
but could we go the distance?

it was by the tenth experience,
when you walked in wearing nothing but yourself,
I knew I had fallen in love despite myself.
I want nobody but you,
I will place you above all else,
I will love you beyond the understanding of the world,
you are forever mine.

Ria Naidoo has been writing short stories and poems since her days in primary school. She enjoys poetry based on real-life events or observations of life around her. She hopes to expand her writing into an artistic expression of navigating a modern life with its unique experiences.



  1. Dr Chiara Sewnarain

    An absolutely beautifully written poem by one of my favorites. Keep them coming, you Goddess.

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