“a painter’s brush” by Sazini Sayi

The cadavers lay awake
drought mocks the carcass
the raven sings a song of praise,
a meal from the sky,
the hand that feeds all never forgets
dust stirs vigorously, next moment it settles
the mirage dances, enticing the distant fools there are no schools in these pools
only a sea of sand
desert, long deserted
The sun scorches bare boned chests
its heat cracks the ground in thirst
a time rewound in the mind
the painter’s brush dashes across the canvas,
each stroke breeding an image melancholic
a scene too sombre, nature so diabolic
captured on a canvas.

Sazini Sayi is a writer and poet. He is a 2017 Chris Van Wyk fellow, awarded by Pan Macmillan, studying for an BA Honours in Creative Writing at The University of Witwatersrand. Some of his poems will be featured in the coming edition of The Kalahari Review.

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