Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I title documents?
    The Microsoft Word document title should be the name of the piece submitted, with no reference to the author’s name. So if your piece is called “Once Upon a Time,” call the document something like once_upon_a_time.docx.
  1. How do I submit my poetry?
    Multiple poems should be submitted with all poems (up to the maximum permitted) attached to a single email. Each poem must be in a separate Microsoft Word document, named with the poem’s title.
  1. Where do I send my submission?
    All submissions should be sent to submissions@typecast.org.za
  1. When can I submit?
    Type/Cast has set calls for submission. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed.
  1. How many submissions can I submit?
    We only accept one submission per author per call. Poetry submissions can include a maximum of three poems.
  1. Will I get paid for my writing?
    At this stage, Type/Cast is run by passionate editors who have yet to acquire external funding. We recognise writers need to earn a living too, but for now all we can offer is enthusiastic and professional collaborative editing. If you are interested in contributing to the editorial collective, please contact us at editor@typecast.org.za
  1. How do I submit my photography essay?
    Photography essays must be no larger than 1MB, as submitted. All photographs should be captioned, and organised in a Microsoft Word document for ease of viewing. If a photographic work accepted, we will request higher resolution images closer to publication.
  1. Can I submit previously published work?
    We do not accept published work. The idea is to create a new space where new writers without works to their name can be shown alongside new work from established writers.
  1. How are submissions processed and edited?
    Type/Cast editors read all submissions without knowing the writer’s identity. All accepted work is edited in dialogue with the writer.
  1. How are works published?
    General submissions are published online at typecast.org.za with an annual print copy released at the end of the year featuring selected pieces.
  1. Is Type/Cast looking for editors? If so, how can I apply?
    Type/Cast is looking to expand the team of editors and you can apply by sending an email and CV to editor@typecast.org.za
  1. Is Type/Cast an exclusively South African publication?
    No. While we do privilege pieces written by local writers, we are by no means exclusive about submissions.